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Books by Anne Butler
Anne Butler

The accomplished author of a dozen books and a career journalist with hundreds of articles published in newspapers and magazines, Anne Butler can conduct tours combining the history of Butler Greenwood Plantation with book reviews, since many of her books are set right on the plantation. Book clubs and other groups must make prior arrangements by phoning 225-635-6312.

To order by mail contact:

Butler Greenwood Plantation,
8345 US Highway 61,
St. Francisville, LA 70775.

Be sure to include your return address.

If you'd like your book autographed by the author, please specify name. 
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Text by Anne Butler
Photographs by Henry Cancienne
Mainstreet Front Page
In this, Louisiana's bicentennial year, UL Press releases MAIN STREETS OF LOUISIANA, celebrating some of the state's most historic and picturesque downtown areas, the 33 communities participating in state and national Main Street programs designed to restore and rehabilitate deteriorating central commercial corridors. From Abbeville to Winnsboro, Louisiana's Main Street communities are all so different--the earliest established along the rivers and navigable bayous, the railroad communities stitched together by tracks laid across the treeless prairies, the commercial corridors of parish seats circling courthouses--and yet all of them are passionate about restoring the historic downtowns that were and are the hearts and souls of their communities, proving that preservation and progress can--indeed must-- stroll hand in hand without trampling each other. Some of these local communities have been so... Read More ....

Text by Anne Butler
Photographs by Henry Cancienne

Watch for Anne's new book coming out soon: LOUISIANA HIGHWAY ONE, with full-color photographs by Henry Cancienne, to be published by the Center for Louisiana Studies, ULL's university press, late summer 2010.


Text by Anne Butler
Photographs by Henry Cancienne

The fourth and latest in the series of big hardback history/cookbooks, Pelican Publishing Company in New Orleans has just released River Road Plantation Country Cookbook by St. Francisville author Anne Butler. The big hardback book, with a multitude of images both old and new, concentrates on the picturesque region between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It's as much a state of mind as a place in time, this magical meandering roadway that follows the mighty Mississippi River to connect Louisiana's two most significant - and most diverse - metropolitan areas. Only a book like this, celebrating the region's unique culture and characters, crops and cuisine, can give the reader a taste of what life has been historically and still is today along the River Road. And only a writer such as Anne Butler, historian and storyteller who lives this life in one of Louisiana's early plantations, could do it justice. Butler's lessons in history and heritage are leavened by a light dash of humor, as she tells of the crown prince whose aversion to bathwater was matched by his daring in dining, serving turkey buzzard stew and fried toadstools to his horrified dinner guests, and the estimable Bernard de Marigny of New Orleans, at whose groaning dinner table were served snipe aged in the revered French tradition called "faisande," ripened so long they dropped from their hangings (phew!). There's even a recipe for Buggy Banana Bread, specialty of one of the state's newest and most popular attractions, the Audubon Insectarium---and yes, it does contain crunchy crickets, an important source of protein in many communities worldwide. Read More ....

Text by Anne Butler
Photographs by Henry Cancienne

The Definitive Guide
Think if you've been on one swamp tour, you've seen them all? Think again. Louisiana has a huge diversity of swamps and wetlands, and the tours through these areas vary enormously according to focus---bird roosts, alligators, big cypress and tupelo gum trees, plenty of wildlife. Many of the guides have spent lifetimes learning the secrets of the swamps as professional fishermen, alligator hunters, trappers, guides, or lumbermen, and they share with passengers their love of the areas and their deep concerns over the fragility of the environments. Illustrated with dozens of fine nature images by award-winning photographer Henry Cancienne, this book contains everything you need to know about every swamp tour in the state. Available from Pelican Publishing and bookstores or from the author.

Plantation Homes of Louisiana
Edited by Anne Butler
Photographs by Henry Cancienne

This completely revised, full-color edition includes an updated list of significant plantation homes in Louisiana, complete with the historical background of each structure and descriptions of unique features. This modernized guide offers an expanded New Orleans section, highlighting both the famous Garden District and the historic French Quarter. Hours of operation, contact information, and directions to hard-to-find homes are also included. Illustrated with seventy-one color photographs by award-winning Louisiana Photographer Henry Cancienne, this guide catures the majesty and mystery of Louisiana's splendid homes..

Spirit of St. Francisville SPIRIT OF ST. FRANCISVILLE
Images by Darrell Chitty ---- Text by Anne Butler
Trying to understand particular places and their importance in particular times, chroniclers of history take many approaches, from paintings to plays, from journals to poems, and volumes of books both fact and fiction. As in the St. Francisville area today's visitors see the results of the happy marriage of felicitous climate and fertile soil in the flowering of fabulous antebellum gardens, so this book happily joins the visual and verbal homages and paeans of praise sung by two artists, one Louisiana's top photographer and the other a local author who contributes that loving insider's knowledge only a longtime resident-observer can provide. By combining images with words in this full-color photo book, a true labor of love, they have managed to capture just a bit of the magic of St. Francisville, its soul, its heart, its spirit, its timeless charm that is only enhanced by the patina of the passing of years.

Acadian Plantation Country Cookbook
Third in a series of wonderful big hardback history books filled with vintage photographs and a huge number of recipes, this book spans the centuries and the culinary heritage of Louisiana's Acadian Country, from the romance of Bayou Teche through the prairie vacheries, from the salt mines of Tabasco country and fishing villages along the coast to the French-speaking oldsters two-stepping to Cajun fiddles at the Liberty Theater. Reassembled villages like Vermilionville host fascinating living history demonstrations, but you can see living history everywhere you look in this area, and this book includes it all. Published by Pelican Publishing Co. for release November 2007.

Bayou Plantation Country Cookbook
Called a veritable social history in the guise of a cookbook, this book is the second in a series published by Pelican Publishing and picks up where Audubon Plantation Country Cookbook left off. Down the west bank of the Mississippi River and along Bayou Lafourche to the coast at Grand Isle, it includes the histories and vintage photographs and related recipes from the big plantations like Nottoway and Oak Alley, Southdown and Laura, as well as the lesser known ones. It features chefs and cooks from world-famous John Folse to Spuddy of Spuddy's Cajun Foods and 92-year-old Ms. Aline Foret who won the dance contest at the Abbeville Omelette Festival just a few years back and says we might not all be stars but we can twinkle!--and boy can she cook! For those who lost Grandma's recipe books in floods or storms, chances are they'll find them right here. Hardback. Available in bookstores everywhere; also available from or from Butler Greenwood Plantation website.

Audubon Plantation Country Cookbook
The best gastronomic tour of the culture and history, livin' and dinin' in English Plantation Country in Louisiana and Mississippi, Anne's well-loved old More Than A Cookbook has been re-released by Pelican Publishing Co. as Audubon Country Plantation Cookbook.  Order online from or look for it in bookstores everywhere.
Hardback. Available in bookstores everywhere; also available from or from Butler Greenwood Plantation website.


Like life seen through the romantic distortions of wavy handblown glass windowpanes, this story is a blurring of fact and fiction. But then so is all of life in the South, where the only thing certain is that real fact is a lot stranger and more interesting than fiction. The late Dr. Carmichael's friends really did forget exactly where they buried him after celebrating his life drinking all the fine wine in his underground cellar, which led to all sorts of complications. As for the rest of the characters, they're as unreal as the last Ivorybill Woodpecker. Which may not be all that unreal at all.  This little book has no delusions of grandeur, no intellectual pretensions, but it sure does have a good sense of timing, coming out the very day announcements proclaimed the first verified sighting of a real live Ivorybill in more than half a century.

A Tourist's Guide to West Feliciana Parish: 

A Little Bit Of Heaven Right Here On Earth

The definitive tour book to the St. Francisville area, written by a native-born professional author who ensures that the visitor won't miss a thing. 

Plantations, gardens, B&Bs, restaurants, shops, recreation...from the world's largest bald cypress to the wildest rodeo in the South.

Photographs by Ann Stirling Weller.

Ten Stories About Little Chase

and Big Fat Aunt May

More Stories About Little Chase

and Big Fat Aunt May

Award-winning children's stories which are lessons in life, learned from a quintessentially southern childhood, replete with hounddogs under porches and tomcats in baby clothes, bourbon pies and wise old aunties next door.  Beautifully illustrated by nationally recognized artist Murrell Butler, with color photographs of many of the characters as well, these volumes also contain the treasured recipes for all the old southern delicacies which make life worth living.  Like children's tea parties and some of the other old-fashioned entertainments in the Little Chase stories, these recipes shouldn't be allowed to die out.  Sadly lacking is the child nourished on the immediate gratification of frozen Sara Lee, however tasty, rather than the mouth-watering anticipation of slowly cranking the ice cream freezer, or following with wide eyes the progress of the flaming Plum Pudding to the Christmas dinner table, or marveling at the tiny red spots of currant jelly topping dollops of meringue adrift in a sea of custard in the Thanksgiving Floating Island.


Angola: Louisiana State Penitentiary, A Half-Century of Rage and Reform

Dying To Tell

Weep for the Living

Hair-raising true crime books centering around the country's most infamous maximum-security prison, 18,000-acre Angola, subject of a number of recent documentaries and movies.

ANGOLA details the fascinating history of the prison, from its origins as huge cruel cotton plantations to its days as America's bloodiest penitentiary.

DYING TO TELL examines more contemporary death cases, homicides and executions, as well as the lessons we can learn from them about the origins of criminal behavior and the correctional programs which might best prevent it, programs which need to be implemented not at the end of a criminal career but before the beginning of one.

WEEP FOR THE LIVING examines what caused the respected retired criminologist to pick up a pistol and shoot his wife five times as she rocked on her plantation home's gallery.  In this riveting book, the wife who miraculously survived provides some answers with remarkable candor, compassion and even humor.  This is not fiction; it's even stranger.  Updated Pelican edition out spring 2005; order online from or from bookstores everywhere.

Lost and Found at the Plantation Bed & Breakfast

Writer Anne Butler thought operating a B&B on her family plantation would be isolating and the ruination of her writing career.  Boy, was she wrong!  Now the world comes to her in all its glory, and this consummate storyteller finds a hilarious or touching story behind every door, from the modest pentecostals in the pool with the bikini-clad hooker from New Jersey to the naked man in the driveway.  And you won't believe what gets left in the Lost and Found department (the staff wishes more of it came in plus sizes), but actually a whole lot more gets found.

Fabulous color photos by Darrell Chitty, one of Louisiana's best professional photographers.


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